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Galileo, in result of this and other troubles, found it prudent to quit Pisa and move to Florence, the original home of his family.

In statics, he gave the first direct and satisfactory demonstration of the laws of equilibrium and the principle of virtual velocities. Ebsco Host Academic Search Elite.

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His father, Vincenzo Galilei, belonged to a noble family and had gained some distinction as a musician and a mathematician.

Inan essay on the center of gravity in solids obtained for him the title of the Archimedes of his time, and secured him a teaching spot in the University of Pisa. Discuss whether this approach is appropriate given the nature of the proof he collected, and given the intended audience of his book and letters.

His writings about these subjects were banned, and printers were forbidden to publish anything further by him or even to reprint his previous works.

In the telescope's transitional form, Galileo is able to obtain a salary raise and a permanent position at the University of Padua but he is disappointed with this offer and continues to make improvements on the telescope.

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Although in the popular mind Galileo is remembered chiefly as an astronomer, however, the science of mechanics and dynamics pretty much owe their existence to his findings. Galileo published these findings in Sidereus nuncius ; The Starry Messenger in which he began to think seriously about the likelihood of a Copernican universe.

When he challenged this it made all of the followers of Aristotle extremely angry, they would not except the fact that their leader could have been wrong.

At an early age, Galileo manifested his ability to learn both mathematical and mechanical types of things, but his parents, wishing to turn him aside from studies which promised no substantial return, steered him toward some sort of medical profession.

However he never was a real prisoner for he never spent any time in a prison cell or being treated like a criminal.

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Such machines, though not available to the greater population, at least gave other intellectuals the ability to see beyond religion and start questioning their world, thus paving the way, much later, for the masses.

It can also be theorized that this position was much desired and after he attained the position "it combined the advantages of those tow professional identities while avoiding many of their drawbacks. The inability of religious dogma to slow down the ever-quickening pace of discovery was all too real and the measurable positives of science during the 16th and 17th centuries were too great of an advance to be resisted.

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Galileo is regarded as one of the greatest scientific thinkers of the Renaissance. Hearing early in that a Dutch optician, named Lippershey, had produced an instrument by which the apparent size of remote objects was magnified, Galileo at once realized the principle by which such a result could alone be attained, and, after a single night devoted to consideration of the laws of refraction, he succeeded in constructing a telescope which magnified three times, its magnifying power being soon increased to thirty-two.

The senate of Venice offered him an increase in salary and a permanent appointment at the University based on Galileo's first improvement which only magnified objects by ten times.

He now had a very valuable resource in the court and a wonderful job. You are free to pose and address a different thesis question within one of these topic areas, or from another topic, as long as you discuss it in advance with your tutor.

In succeeding pages, the author continues to worship the Duke and his "agreeableness of manners, splendor of the royal blood, majesty in actions, and breadth of authority and rule over others.

Thus the Dialogue was catalyst for Galileo's appearance and conviction before the Inquisition. Events happened fairly quickly after that: The moon was shown not to be, as the old astronomy taught, a smooth and perfect sphere, of different nature to the earth, but to possess hills and valleys and other features resembling those of our own globe.

He quickly wrote to the Tuscan court about his discoveries. Galileo was tried by the Inquisition for his writings discussing the Ptolemaic and Copernican systems.

After that he was appointed philosopher and mathematician to the Grand Duke of Tuscany. The second step was to dedicate the treatise on his telescopic discoveries to the Grand Duke. Ebsco Host Academic Search Elite. During this time, he was also granted the position of principal mathematician at the University of Pisa, a position that incurred no further duties by Galileo.

Galileo informed the court of his plan to place the name of Cosimo de Medici II in the stars, as the ancient sages did with the most excellent heroes of their time, by naming the newly found stars, or moons, after him.

To the end of his life, Galileo insisted that there was no conflict between Copernicanism and his own devotion to the Church. galileo galilei essays Galileo Galilei was born near Pisa, Italy, on February 15, (Drake). Galileo was the first child of Vincezio Galiei, a merchant and a musician (Jaki ).

InGalileo's family moved from Pisa to Florence, where Galileo started his formal education (Jaki ). Galileo Galilei Essay - Galileo Galilei was born in Pisa, Italy on February 15, and was named after his ancestor Galileo Bonaiuti who was a physician, professor, and politician.

Essay Galileo Galilei was born at Pisa on the 18th of February in His father, Vincenzo Galilei, belonged to a noble family and had gained some distinction as a musician and a mathematician.

Galileo term papers available at, the largest free term paper community. Galileo found through his research that the earth revolved around the sun, disputing the belief held by The Roman Catholic Church that the earth was the center of the universe. He refused to obey orders from Rome to terminate discussions of his theories and was sentenced to life imprisonment.

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